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A 15 module Complex Trauma course designed to heal the source of pain.

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Weekly courses with goals and outcomes designed for people who would like guidance and support as they discover information about Complex Trauma and get to the root cause of their addictions or mental unwellness.


Each class consists of daily worksheets from the RE/ACT Curriculum, a Video, and Virtual Classroom Meetings that are facilitated by members of our trained RE/ACT staff. Additional one on one coaching and counselling services are available outside of class on request.

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RE ACT teaches Recovery Education for Addictions and Complex Trauma. Our available online courses are 15 modules and are designed to help patients in recovery from addictions and other mental health issues. Each week, clients will learn valuable tools which will aid in long-term recovery, as well as receive support from loving mentors, coaches or counsellors.

In order to participate in LIFT, clients must fill out an application form, giving us basic information about themselves. This is in order for us to cater to each individual’s needs and ensure each person receives the type of recovery supports they require. They will then be contacted by our intake worker who will process the application and conduct an assessment over the phone or Zoom. Once we have completed this step, they will be asked to sign an extra consent form and then be able to start as soon as we have an open spot available.

The LIFT program requires the use of technology and can be completed from home. This program involves the apps Email and Zoom (online video conferencing) to function. Clients must have access to the internet as well as a reliable device, which can be a phone, tablet or computer. Although, technical support and video tutorials are available, clients must have a reasonable comfort with these programs to access the course.

The online LIFT program consists of videos, focus questions, individual support, and Zoom meetings. We have 3 programs currently running. The Day program runs from Monday to Friday every week for 15 weeks. The Afternoon and Evening Programs run 3 times per week for 25 weeks. Each class, we will provide a video to watch, as well as focus questions to answer before attending the Zoom meeting. Clients must participate daily (aside from excused absences) in the Zoom meetings in order to receive a certificate for the course. The Zoom meetings are important for offering support, facilitating a community atmosphere, and allowing for class discussion. Students who are in need of coaching have the option to connect with someone who can give them a weekly support session.

Although this program is online, it is not anonymous. Clients are encouraged to use their full name and will be involved in video chats with other clients and staff. We will welcome each client with dignity and respect, and will ensure that our staff members operate with courtesy, understanding, and most importantly, love.

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LIFT Online Learning Testimonials

This program speaks for itself very loud and clear in all the lives it touches among whom I am one. This program does not need a testimonial. You have to try it to grasp its impact. No matter where you are in your life journey, LIFT is a welcome addition that will enrich your perspective and empower you. You have nothing to lose but the emotional hurdles curtailing what you aspire to attain. This is where you can get unstuck when you are out of your wits and nothing else seems to work. It is not an easy ride but it is worth it by all means. Thank you Breanne, Anita, Kari, Kim and Tim for all your hard work and dedication. I love you all.

– Dahlia

I just retired early from a very successful career with a Fortune 100 company. I intended to spend my retirement days doing the things I enjoyed, but something was preventing me. I spent most of my life feeling like something was not right. Various addictions and relationship conflicts were keeping me from that enjoyment. I spent much of my early adulthood in religion and philosophy looking for a ‘true path’ that might heal whatever was wrong. I was searching for answers, looking and comparing myself to others to see if I was like them – wondering why, even though I put on a persona of success and good relationships, that I just wasn’t feeling them.

One of the key drivers in my search after retirement was what I’ll call an addiction crisis. Looking for answers to this finally led me to Tim Fletcher on YouTube. Tim immediately helped me start making sense of the root of the issues in my life. This was new! I started to get a general understanding of where I had been damaged in childhood, and the effect that was having in my adult life. After watching over 50 of his videos I finally decided it was time to reach out and see what kind of help they might be able to offer me. I went to his website and filled out the contact form for the Lift program. I was lucky enough to be among the first group to sign on.

Honestly, it was about the most difficult thing I have done in my life, signing up, and then seeing it through the weeks or meetings and working through the materials. The results were nothing short of amazing. There were so many light-bulb moments for me as I worked through the materials. My eyes were beginning open to a real understanding of the issues that had plagued me from childhood and all through my adult life. I started understanding the ways I was affected by Complex Trauma in my childhood and how those issues were still driving my behavior in adulthood.

There are a lot of claims about life-changing programs. The LIFT program truly changed my life in significant and lasting ways. I am not the person I was when I started LIFT, and my progress continues even months after graduating the course. Even during the program I was implementing changes to my behaviours that begun to have healing affects on my close relationships that were in trouble.

While my journey to healthy life and love continues, I will always credit Tim’s program for giving me the turning point moment when I became aware of and could begin to address the issues in my life in real and healthy ways.

– M.B.