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Thriving Beyond Complex Trauma


Complex Trauma is the missing link that explains why someone is set up to be an addict. - Tim Fletcher
Finding Freedom

Raising public awareness about Complex Trauma through Media, and offering a 'family-love' type of support group through weekly meetups.



Science and Statistics


The percentage of addicts who also suffer from Complex Trauma. 100% of them require the proper tools to fully thrive beyond this trauma and achieve real, lasting recovery.

Complex Trauma is defined as "a series of events that occur where a victim feels unsafe, and as such, develops mental disorders which inhibit them from coping in stressful or harmful circumstances." Science is showing a critical difference between the brains of people who have warm, nurturing upbringings, and those who didn't. We take this study a step further in the context of addictions & mental health issues, and describes it as, "an actual or realized ongoing experience during childhood which causes a youth to repeatedly feel unsafe or unloved, resulting in life-long mental unwellness and unhealthy, developed coping techniques. Addiction is the result of someone suffering from Complex Trauma, finding a 'solution' to their problems, and to put it simply a furtherance to these techniques.

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The Hope Drive

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Bring Restoration to your Church

Sitting in Ashes - Bring Restoration to your Church

Jesus Christ healed the sick, fed the hungry, and preached the gospel. How does your church measure up? How does your church support those who suffer from addictions and mental health issues? Do your church leaders feel equiped to reach out and help?

5 Truths from Christians who Suffer from Addictions:

  1. Addiction is not a moral issue. Please believe me when I say that addiction IS my hell.
  2. Just because I have an addiction does not mean I don't love God.
  3. The church should be the safest place for me, but often, it doesn't feel that way.
  4. I carry an immense amount of shame due to Complex Trauma, making me hypersensitive to guilt and feelings of judgements. I wish I didn't feel this way.
  5. As I work through my issues, I ask for support, patience and love. I'm a little screwed up but I'm going to be ok.
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