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Thriving Beyond Complex Trauma


Complex Trauma is the missing link that explains why someone is set up to be an addict. - Tim Fletcher


Science and Statistics


The percentage of addicts who also suffer from Complex Trauma. 100% of them require the proper tools to fully thrive beyond this trauma and achieve real, lasting recovery.

Complex Trauma is defined as "a series of events that occur where a victim feels unsafe, and as such, develops mental disorders which inhibit them from coping in stressful or harmful circumstances." Science is showing a critical difference between the brains of people who have warm, nurturing upbringings, and those who didn't. We take this study a step further in the context of addictions & mental health issues, and describes it as, "an actual or realized ongoing experience during childhood which causes a youth to repeatedly feel unsafe or unloved, resulting in life-long mental unwellness and unhealthy, developed coping techniques. Addiction is the result of someone suffering from Complex Trauma, finding a 'solution' to their problems, and to put it simply a furtherance to these techniques.

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