If you are like me, you will have realized that one of the results of social distancing has been that internal boundaries have been more difficult to maintain. On some days, I haven’t struggled with them at all; but on most days, they have been more difficult than normal. What that tells me is this: I don’t change my internal boundaries unless my limbic brain has been triggered and has trumped my cortex. So, this social distancing has had a big effect on my limbic brain; and often, I am initially unaware that it is happening. That means that a very important battle for me everyday is to keep my limbic brain under the control of my cortex. This involves three things:

  1. Regularly stop and take an inventory of what is going on inside of my brain. Be self-aware
  2. Coach myself – talk to myself about what is healthy
  3. Do what I can to resolve a negative headspace

That may involve connecting with my Higher Power, talking to a friend or doing activities that motivate me and lift my spirits. Recovery and boundaries are easy to talk about, but hard to consistently implement, but this is where the battle is often won or lost. I hope you feel that, after this week, you have more tools to help you in this battle.

With Love,

Tim Fletcher