Thriving Beyond Complex Trauma

RE/ACT: Recovery Education for Addictions and Complex Trauma Programs are available as add-ons to existing programs such as in 2nd or 3rd stage homes, recovery centres, or other support networks in every community. The curriculum is delivered in content with each week, class, and day broken out very clearly for the speaker/ presenter.

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Available Programs

RE/ACT Programs are run all over Canada, and will be available as an Online Program in the fall of 2020! Our initial programs focus on Addictions (alcoholism, drugs, sex, pornography, gambling, gaming, fantasy) and Mental Health (Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Relationship Disorders).

RE/ACT Programs Available Today

  • RE/ACT Program in Winnipeg, MB – The Factory
  • RE/ACT Program in Winnipeg, MB – Eagle Womens’ Lodge
  • RE/ACT Program in Surrey, BC – Night Shift Ministries
  • RE/ACT Program in Windsor, ON – Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative
  • RE/ACT Program in Cuba – Veradero
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“I am so stinking thrilled and proud to have you as partners, and what you do in and for our community. I am overwhelmed at the beauty of what I see even at a brief drop-by tonight. I am moved to see people we have been connected to in our neighbourhoods showing up and being deeply impacted. Thanks Tim and your team for all you do.” – Jon, Winnipeg, MB