Nearly five years of data shows a >68% recovery rate from clients who graduated from the RE/ACT program.


  • Help clients heal from the root of their addiction with effective psycho-education-based learning modules
  • Simple integration process into your existing infrastructure
  • Increased credibility with RE/ACT brand recognition and marketing promotion
  • Increase funding opportunities with access to and use of RE/ACT recovery rate statistics
  • Collaborate with a growing global community of treatment centres, including an annual AGM
  • Maximize internal resources – facilitators are not required to be registered counsellors or therapists

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Program Overview

  • 100% 5-star reviews from over 400 clients
  • Data-driven curriculum including Complex Trauma education and healing tools
  • Ongoing resource development from locations around the globe
  • Online facilitator training
  • 12-week group program, 2 hours/day
  • Annual licensing fees minus a 50% discount for new license agreements signed in 2021

Approved By

  • Patrick Tshovio, BSW, RSW
  • Marie Thiessen, M.A. Counselling, Counselling Therapist, Certified Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator
  • Danny Smyth, Winnipeg Chief of Police

Research has shown that 97% of people with addictions have experienced childhood trauma. 0% of people stay clean and sober without healthy relationships in a healthy support network, which are difficult to form with unresolved Complex Trauma. The purpose of RE/ACT is to educate clients about and heal from Complex Trauma in group settings. The outcome provides a renewed perspective and tools to build healthy relationships and deal with daily stresses, which removes the need to use addictions to cope.

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If you have Complex Trauma, you can tell Tim Fletcher really does understand what most therapists and professionals don’t. Too many of us are dying out here. – Sandy W.
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Tim Fletcher is the Founder and President of RE/ACT (Recovery Education for Addictions and Complex Trauma). He used his skills as a pastor and counsellor to develop these programs, to help the people he cared for overcome addiction.

For over 30 years, Tim has been a lead advocate for Complex Trauma. The tagline “with love” promotes the organization as a judgement-free space. EVERYONE is accepted regardless of their flaws.

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