Thriving Beyond Complex Trama

RE/ACT: Recovery Education for Addictions and Complex Trauma Centres offer out-patient 12-week recovery programs which provide recovery education for addictions and Complex Trauma.

RE/ACT Centres offer Phase 1, Phase 2 and optionally Phase 3 treatment programs. These programs are based on the philosophies of Dr. Gabor Maté on Complex Trauma and 12-Step wisdom and helps those living with addictions process their trauma and assists them in developing techniques that lead to better decision-making. Centres also offer individual counselling for participants and ongoing mentorship for those in various stages of recovery from addictions and mental health issues.

Please note our RE/ACT Centre in Winnipeg is closed until 2022 as we complete some corporate restructuring. Stay tuned by visiting

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Fast Facts

RE/ACT Centres operate as replications of our Riverwood RE/ACT Centre in Winnipeg, MB. All centres require classrooms with tables and chairs with room for a teacher/ presenter and a whiteboard, or as a more casual setting with comfortable seating (depending on the demographics of clients).


Classes run each weekday for 12 weeks (4 weeks for Phase 1 and 8 weeks for Phase 2) from 9:15 – 11:30 with a 15 minute break half-way through each session. Class sizes max out at 40 persons to allow for discussions and questions.


Class times are not lengthy as client attention spans are typically short, but attention requirements are critical in absorbing the information. It’s ‘content rich’ and is very tiring for attendees.


All of our curriculum comes delivered as PDF styled content with each week, class and day broken out very clearly for the speaker/ presenter.


The speaker/ presenter will be asking attendees to have workbooks, binders, and papers to take notes and work through each session.


The speaker/ presenter does not have to be a registered counsellor or therapist to host or run the sessions but, we do require anyone teaching the curriculum to receive at least 4 weeks of training in Winnipeg, MB.


Since RE/ACT covers a morning of activity, additional services can be added to the program including providing lunch, having art therapy, adding parenting classes, or other group activities in the afternoons.


RE/ACT as it is today is free for people to attend, so some additional funding and/ or resources are required in order to run a RE/ACT Centre effectively.


RE/ACT does require drug testing for people who attend to ensure safety, consistency and balance is carefully maintained for people who are within the program.


RE/ACT accepts applications with referrals from local law enforcement, parole officers, case workers, CFS, detox centres, or other recovery centres as patient aftercare.


RE/ACT does not require provision of housing in order for people to attend. RE/ACT Centres today make recommendations for available resources within communities for clients.


Graduates are far more likely to have lasting sobriety success (including Thriving Beyond Complex Trauma) than those not completing the program. We keep graduates close to home and offer ongoing support.


All attendance is voluntary but attendance each day is strongly encouraged in order to achieve real recovery! 2 days of absence in the program results in dismissal of the program or additional weeks.

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“I am so stinking thrilled and proud to have you as partners, and what you do in and for our community. I am overwhelmed at the beauty of what I see even at a brief drop-by tonight. I am moved to see people we have been connected to in our neighbourhoods showing up and being deeply impacted. Thanks Tim and your team for all you do.” – Jon, Winnipeg, MB