Trauma Informed Care Seminar

Tim Fletcher’s 4-Part downloadable Trauma Informed Care Seminar was filmed on April 25th 2019. Tim talks about the effects of Complex Trauma on the brain and what that means long-term. Other topics include the 12 Basic Needs, his 60 Characteristics of Complex Trauma and the ways they affect us.

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Trauma Informed Care Seminar
Format: MP4
Duration: 03:58:59
4 Parts

Part 1
Duration: 39:32
Tim Fletcher defines Complex Trauma, the causes of Complex Trauma and provides statistics.

Part 2
Duration: 55:15
Tim Fletcher talks about how Complex Trauma affects the brain and the difference between an addicted brain and a healthy brain.

Part 3
Duration: 31:35
Tim Fletcher lists the 12 Basic Needs along with the difference between actual needs and perceived needs.

Part 4
Duration: 1:52:37
Tim Fletcher talks about the 60 Characteristics and what each of them mean for someone with Complex Trauma.