Painful emotions and Complex Trauma downloadable e-series

Tim Fletcher’s Eight part painful emotions and Complex Trauma series covers some of the different painful emotions you might encounter in recovery and how they affect us in different ways.

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Painful Emotions and Complex Trauma E-Series – Religious Segment Included
Format: MP4
Duration: 06:18:41
8 Parts

Part 1
Duration: 45:51
Tim Fletcher introduces pain and how it works in relation to recovery and how it can begin to affect you.

Part 2
Duration: 51:16
Tim Fletcher teaches us about guilt, how it affects people with Complex Trauma and how we deal with it in unhealthy ways.

Part 3
Duration: 49:19
Tim Fletcher explains what false guilt is and how it is often present in our day to day lives.

Part 4
Duration: 44:09
Tim Fletcher talks about discontentment and how it works consciously and subconsciously.

Part 5
Duration: 46:23
Tim Fletcher brings up the topic of stress and how your brain deals with it.

Part 6
Duration: 43:35
Tim Fletcher discusses patience and how it makes people in Complex Trauma feel.

Part 7
Duration: 45:44
Tim Fletcher goes more into depth about different painful emotions and how they affects us.

Part 8
Duration: 52:34
Tim Fletcher continues looking at more painful emotions and how they affect us as well as different ways of coping with painful emotions.


This e-series is a downloadable version of the Finding Freedom series which is available on YouTube. This format is recommended for those who wish to have access to the videos offline.