The EN ROUTE Group Learning license enables independent organizations and individuals to co-ordinate effective small-group meetups without mandating attendance. This drop-in approach is helpful for people looking to build awareness about Complex Trauma in their communities, use the RE/ACT tools to provide healing, and gain support. This license includes:

  • EN ROUTE Phase 1 Program (5 modules, 5 Days Each)
  • 25 Videos
  • 5 PDFs for each Module
  • Data Management Access using our Online Platform

This licence is ideal for organizations such as:

  • Small 2nd – 3rd Stage Recovery Homes
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Street-focused Organizations
  • Counsellors (Private Practices)
  • Individuals
  • Large Organizations (operating an LMS Model)

Other optional add-ons include:

  • Marketing package
    • Facebook Page
    • Website Presence

Licensing Pricing starts at $2,500.00 (CAD)/ year

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