Introduction to Complex Trauma downloadable e-series

Tim Fletcher’s eight part series on complex trauma introduces the topic as well as different ways it effects our relationships, coping mechanisms and our brains.

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Complex Trauma Introduction E-Series
Format: MP4
Duration: 05:10:34
8 Parts

Part 1
Duration: 45:38
Tim Fletcher introduces the topic of Complex Trauma and some of the effects it has on our well beings.

Part 2
Duration: 37:58
Tim Fletcher talks about shame and how Complex Trauma affects how we see ourselves.

Part 3
Duration: 41:04
Tim Fletcher teaches us about coping in Complex Trauma and some of the Characteristics that relate to coping.

Part 4
Duration: 35:44
Tim Fletcher continues his talk on coping and the effects it has on Complex Trauma as well as adding in seven more Characteristics related to coping.

Part 5
Duration: 36:09
Tim Fletcher begins discussing relationships in Complex Trauma and how it’s affected by attachment issues and the fear of abandonment.

Part 6
Duration: 40:42
Tim Fletcher continues on the topic of relationships in Complex Trauma adding trust and respect issues and how they affect your relationships.

Part 7
Duration: 33:14
Tim Fletcher explains how Complex Trauma affects brain development at a young age and how it continues to throughout childhood.

Part 8
Duration: 40:05
Tim Fletcher walks us through healing from Complex Trauma and the key components to healing.


This e-series is a downloadable version of the Finding Freedom series which is available on YouTube. This format is recommended for those who wish to have access to the videos offline.