Codependency And Relationships Seminar

Tim Fletcher’s Five-Part Codependency and Relationships Seminar brings up big issues in relationships: Basic needs, wounds and healing, narcissists and co-narcissists, codependency, boundaries, anger, and how children with unhealthy parents can cope and heal from the problems these issues create. This seminar was originally held on June 20, 2019.

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Codependency and Relationships Seminar
Format: MP4
Duration: 04:01:38
5 Parts

Part 1
Duration: 50:59
Tim Fletcher covers codependency in childhood and gives a brief description of Complex Trauma and how it relates to codependency.

Part 2
Duration: 43:02
Tim Fletcher discusses the difference between healthy and unhealthy families. He identifies intimate relationships and abandonment and how they tie to the family unit.

Part 3
Duration: 46:33
Tim Fletcher talks about how narcissist and co-narcissist relationships work and the patterns codependent relationships exhibit.

Part 4
Duration: 43:42
Tim Fletcher walks us through how double standards and codependent relationships go hand in hand together with the stages of unhealthy relationships and how they end.

Part 5
Duration: 57:22
Tim Fletcher teaches how to heal from codependency and unhealthy relationships and talks about his experiences having children in addiction.