Codependency And Relationships Seminar

Tim fletchers five part Codependency and relationships downloadable seminar brings up big issues in relationships, like narcissists and co-narcissists alongside codependency, how it affects children with unhealthy parents and how to heal from the issues it creates.



Codependency And Relationships Seminar
Format MP4
Five parts
Full duration four hours and two minutes

Part one
Duration 50:59
Tim covers codependency in childhood and gives a brief description of complex trauma and how it relates to codependency.

Part two
Duration 43:02
Tim leads the topic to the difference between a healthy and unhealthy family as well as intimate relationships and abandonment and how they all tie together.

Part three
Duration 46:33
Tim talks about how narcissists and co narcissist relationships work and the patterns codependent relationships follow.

Part four
Duration 43:42
Tim walks us through how double standards and codependent relationships go hand in hand alongside the stages of unhealthy relationships and how they end.

Part five
Duration 57:22
Tim teaches us how to heal from codependency and unhealthy relationships well talking about his experience having children in addiction.