Codependency and Complex Trauma downloadable e-series

Tim Fletcher’s eight part codependency and Complex Trauma series talks about how Complex Trauma effects the relationships in our lives and the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

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Codependency and Complex Trauma E-Series
Format: MP4
Duration: 6:19:38
8 Parts

Part 1
Duration: 53:24
Tim Fletcher introduces us to codependency, how it relates to shame and how the two are related to Complex Trauma.

Part 2
Duration: 49:06
Tim Fletcher tells us what a narcissist is as well as the difference between a narcissist and co-narcissist.

Part 3
Duration: 01:03:44
Tim Fletcher explains codependent relationship patterns like love bombing, rushed intimacy and more.

Part 4
Duration: 59:50
Tim Fletcher talks about core issues and underlying issues as well as continuing to talk about how shame relates to codependency.

Part 5
Duration: 53:33
Tim Fletcher takes a break to go more in detail about Complex Trauma and how it relates to codependency.

Part 6
Duration: 49:26
Tim Fletcher informs us about different types of relationships and how codependency works within them.

Part 7
Duration: 50:35
Tim Fletcher shows us insecure attachment styles as well as different types of attachment styles.

Part 8
Duration: 54:41
Tim Fletcher finishes off the series by teaching us the difference between cortex and limbic brain relationships.


This e-series is a downloadable version of the Finding Freedom series which is available on YouTube. This format is recommended for those who wish to have access to the videos offline.