Anger and Complex Trauma downloadable eSeries

Tim Fletchers ten part Finding Freedom Anger and Complex Trauma series covers the different aspects of anger including how it affects you physically and emotionally, different types of anger, anger disorders, what causes anger, abuse, tools for dealing with anger as well as healthy and unhealthy conflict.



Anger and complex trauma
Format MP4
Ten parts
Full duration seen hours and nineteen minutes

Part one
Duration 55:53
In part one of this series Tim talks about how anger relates to Complex Trauma and why it affects people with Complex Trauma more the most.

Part two
Duration 51:22
Tim teaches us different types of anger and how complex trauma is related to different anger disorders along with what you need to know to stay calm in moments of anger.

Part three
Duration 51:28
Tim continues teaching us how to stay calm in moments of anger and how to control our explosive anger.

Part four
Duration 56:13
Tim explains the difference between the perception of an event and how others see it, he also talks about descalating the situation and how to process anger.

Part five
Duration 53:03
Tim brings in the topic of conflict and how it affects anger as well as how they all tie in to Complex Trauma.

Part six
Duration 52:28
Tim continues his talk about conflict by explaining the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict along with teaching us how to solve conflict.

Part seven
Duration 55:03
Tim adds on the topic of abuse, understanding abuse, the different types of abuse and the stability of abuse.

Part eight
Duration 54:48
Tim teaches us how to leave an abusive relationship and the best tools for dealing with abuse.

Part nine
Duration 56:04
Tim talks about the different physical and emotional effects of anger stuffing and how it affects us in our everyday lives.

Part ten
Duration 58:04
Tim finishes off the series by talking about one of the most common forms of abuse, gaslighting.