60 Characteristics of Complex Trauma downloadable e-series

Tim Fletcher’s 10-Part 60 Characteristics of Complex Trauma series covers Tims’s 60 characteristics of Complex Trauma and how they affect you in your day to day life.

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60 Characteristics of Complex Trauma E-Series
Format: MP4
Duration: 05:59:22
10 Parts

Part 1
Duration: 35:46
Tim Fletcher teaches us about how addiction and Complex Trauma relate as well as about the four environments that lead to creating Complex Trauma.

Part 2
Duration: 35:31
Tim Fletcher talks about Complex Trauma in the brain and how it affects things like being impulsive, an emotional stuffer or having an instant gratification mindset.

Part 3
Duration: 31:40
Tim Fletcher explains how cortisol and oxytocin work within Complex Trauma and different Characteristics as well as speaking about anger.

Part 4
Duration: 43:31
Tim Fletcher walks us through more Characteristics including lying, victim mentality, false guilt and gaslighting.

Part 5
Duration: 38:06
Tim Fletcher continues going through the Characteristics, some of which include anxiety as well as different fears such as the fear of failure and the fear of the unknown.

Part 6
Duration: 33:12
Tim Fletcher goes more in depth about different types of fear and what they mean as well as diving into pseudo intimacy.

Part 7
Duration: 31:03
Tim Fletcher talks about the fear of abandonment, unrealistic expectations, authority issues, control issues and OCD.

Part 8
Duration: 42:36
Tim Fletcher uses the child on the roof example to talk about the process of breaking and rebuilding trust as well as talking about control issues, fear of change, and dealing with stress.

Part 9
Duration: 35:31
Tim Fletcher talks about shame as well as more of his Characteristics including hypersensitivity to criticism, masks and unhealthy relationships.

Part 10
Duration: 32:26
Tim Fletcher takes a look at his last few Characteristics including depression, unhealthy boundaries and more.


This e-series is a downloadable version of the Finding Freedom series which is available on YouTube. This format is recommended for those who wish to have access to the videos offline.