About Finding Freedom

The purpose of Finding Freedom is to raise public awareness about Complex Trauma through Finding Freedom Media, as well as offer a ‘family-love’ type of support group through Finding Freedom Evenings. Finding Freedom locations are popping up all over the globe, and thousands of people tune in regularly to Tim’s Talks on Friday nights on social media platforms, and in groups.

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Finding Freedom Values

At Finding Freedom, we partner with like-minded friends in communities all across the globe, and provide them with the tools they need to spread the word of REAL HOPE to people suffering from Complex Trauma, and give them a safe place to come learn, discuss, and be inspired. We believe that understanding the science behind how trauma can lead to addictions and mental illness, is the first step into bringing about real change.


Life is a journey and our organization will come alongside you, support you, love you and walk a mile with you.


Complex Trauma occurs when children do not feel safe, are neglected, feel abandoned, are abused, or made to feel worthless. We are the exact opposite of those feelings.


We show unconditional love by accepting anyone with flaws, without condoning their unhealthy behaviour.

Is Finding Freedom a Christian Organization?

Our roots are strongly founded in Christianity, and the teachings of the Bible provide the basic framework for our recovery programs. Finding Freedom however is not a religious organization with a faith-based secret agenda. Wherever we are in the world, all people from all walks of life and backgrounds feel welcome attending Finding Freedom and RE/ACT without feeling like they must commit to this faith or religion in order to receive help. Nor do they feel inundated with faith-based materials against their wishes. While most Finding Freedom locations work best in a church building (due to the capacity of such facilities, and how they are most-often free to use), Finding Freedom must not be directly tied to that particular church, the doctrines, or its teachings. If church communities wish to start a Finding Freedom in their location, it’s critical for the church to remember that there are no strings attached to Finding Freedom. That’s what Freedom is all about. If in the case that churches are interested in either starting, or hosting these events on Friday nights, the church must see this as an act of community outreach and service primarily, and that the goal of the Finding Freedom organization is simply, to help people. We have lots of churches currently hosting Finding Freedom, and we would be happy to connect you with people from those organizations to discuss tips and ideas on how to set it up.

Sitting in Ashes

Upcoming Tim’s Talks

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  • June 5, 2020 Back to Basics – Part 2 How Complex Trauma Changes our Brain (1/2)
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