About Tim Fletcher

Tim Fletcher is the Founder and President of RE/ACT (Recovery Education for Addictions and Complex Trauma). He used his skills as a pastor and counsellor to develop this program to help the people he cared for overcome addiction.

During his early years, he realized that everyone has a loved one who struggles with addiction, and many people struggled with unrealized addictions and unhealthy coping techniques. He found that 97% of addicts also struggled from Complex Trauma (C-PTSD). After researching C-PTSD which was identified as, “A series of events that occur where a victim feels unsafe, and as such, develops mental disorders which inhibit them from coping in stressful or harmful circumstances”, he concluded that research was showing that there is a physical difference between the brains of those who grew up in loving and nurturing homes and those who didn’t – before any addiction became prevalent.

He developed a list of 96 Characteristics of Complex Trauma and created seminars to go along with it. He later took his teachings about Complex Trauma a step further in the context of mental health issues. He described it as, “An actual or realized ongoing experience during childhood which causes a youth to repeatedly feel unsafe or unloved, resulting in life-long mental unwellness and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

His acts of service to his own community came from a place of overcoming weakness in his own life. Today, he wants to build awareness about Complex Trauma and gather support emotionally and financially for those who were struggling. The tagline “with love” promote the organization as a judgement-free space. EVERYONE is accepted regardless of their flaws.

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Science and Statistics


The science behind our curriculum is driven by the teachings of Dr. Gabor Mate – stemming from the benefits of Compassionate Inquiry and his philosophy surrounding Complex Trauma. Our recent statistics (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) show an accurate trend of 60%+ of graduates from our 12-week program achieve lasting sobriety, and real recovery.

Mission, Vision, Values


To offer a safe, loving and respectful environment and programs that address the biological, psychological social and spiritual aspects of healing for people who suffer from addictions, trauma, and/ or spiritual brokenness that they may experience a measure of freedom from the effects of these while becoming better equipped to face future challenges.


Breaking the cycle of Complex Trauma by empowering individuals to lead successful lives, teaching them to be advocates for loving family homes and communities, and creating great change all across the globe, starting with a ton of unconditional love.


Love Driven

Everyone is accepted with flaws – In every aspect of our brand, everyone is loved and accepted exactly the way that they are. That doesn’t mean we aren’t all a little screwed up, but if we start with love, then we know that we’re going to be ok!

Community Minded

We are an alliance in every community – In all of our activities we act as a conduit between Complex Trauma and a loving/ supportive community. We work alongside individuals, support groups, organizations, counsellors and agencies from the ground up, and we do not discriminate – at all – ever. We are easily accessible, and will become an integral part of your community. We give back, we support, and we promote positivity in everything that we do. We co-exist alongside addiction recovery centres and programs, many which highly recommend RE/ACT as a part of patient after-care programs.

Free-for All

We are truly, free – We are completely judgement free – which is why we corporately are non-religious, even though we do offer a Christian perspective to every aspect of our videos and content. We offer honest love without any strings attached to anyone who seeks help and support. If Churches would like to start RE/ACT, they are free to add their own content as they see fit. If organizations would like to take adaptations of the teachings and implement them into their programs, they are absolutely able to by signing a license agreement.

RE/ACT is cost-free to anyone who seeks help. While the license fees are submitted as an expense to the founder of the location, the goal is to make the actual treatment free for anyone who attends. Tim Fletcher Co. will also provide founders with fundraising advice if the burden of the annual license fees becomes too great.


Through education, we advocate to bring better understanding and awareness to the relevance and truth of Complex Trauma. With better information, loved ones are able to offer better support – a critical component in providing lasting healing.


Knowledge is power – We are the very first organization in the world to adopt the paradigm shift of Complex Trauma in recovery completely. Our premier teachings from Tim Fletcher will plant the seeds to help people actually get healthy – beginning with taking a look at Complex Trauma and how it negatively affects early brain development.


More loving family homes = less addictions. The ongoing nurturing of people in loving homes is the first step to achieving real healing, but it’s also the last step in preventing addictions from happening in the future. So with a family-mindset, and a direct focus on family relationships, our community must have the love and warmth that comes with a healthy family-type of environment.